Flash Jigsaw Producer

Flash Jigsaw Producer 2.2

Do you want to create a FLASH puzzles from your pictures? Do...

Do you want to create a FLASH puzzles from your pictures? Do you want toadd online games to your web-site? Flash Jigsaw Producer is able to createFLASH puzzle from any JPG image with the size of up to 1 000 000x1 000 000pixels.

The size of the resulting picture puzzle as well as the number ofpuzzle pieces are fully customizable. You can also set the shape and thecomplexity of pieces.

The puzzle created with Flash Jigsaw Producer will attract an attention toyour web-site. You can create the puzzle in such a way that the user will beredirected to any web-page of your choosing after completing the puzzle.

Flash Jigsaw Producer has an easy-to-learn and comfortable interface. Boththe web-professionals and the newbies can improve their web-sites with theweb-based games using the Flash Jigsaw Producer.

With this program you willbe able to add web-based FLASH games to your web-sites, change puzzlepictures with ease and provide an entertainment the visitors of yourweb-site!

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Flash Jigsaw Producer


Flash Jigsaw Producer 2.2

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